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8 Month Pregnancy Symptoms In Hindi 

8 Month Pregnancy Symptoms In Hindi

8 Month Pregnancy Symptoms In Hindi

8 Month Pregnancy Symptoms In Hindi

Pregnancy is a beautiful journey that brings joy and excitement to expectant mothers. As you progress through your pregnancy, each month brings new changes and challenges. When you reach the eighth month of pregnancy, you may start to experience a range of symptoms that are common during this stage. In this blog post, we will discuss 8 month pregnancy symptoms in Hindi to help you navigate this exciting time.

Experience abdominal distension and pain

With your eighth month of pregnancy, your belly gets bigger. At this time you may experience stomach pain and unbearable condition. This may happen because your womb is developing and your baby is changing position.

Sleeping problem

In the eighth month, you may also have problems sleeping. Most women cannot sleep because of their growing belly. You may need to choose a sleeping position, including a larger pillow or stomach, to rest on a supportive level.

Abdominal pain and height increase

There may be some solutions to your stomach pain and discomfort. Applying a good ointment can give you relief. Consult your doctor if you experience severe intolerance.

Respiratory distress

In the eighth month of your pregnancy, you may have trouble breathing. This may happen because the uterus is pressing on your lungs. This problem can be solved by a scripture meditation.

Urinary problems

In the eighth month of pregnancy, you may have urinary problems. Due to your uterus growing, you will have to urinate more than usual. The common solution to this problem is meditation. If you are having additional problems, share it with your doctor.

Brain prick

As the uterus grows, you may experience prickling sensations in the brain. This may happen because of your hormonal changes. One can try artery massage to ease the pinching of the brain.

Vada Weight and Stretch Marks

In your eighth month, you may experience weight gain, and notice stretch marks. A gentle exercise plan and the use of local oils can relieve you from this condition.


Eight months of pregnancy usually ends with women receiving preventive medical care and being supported. At this time, it would be good to complete your preparations with important consideration. If you have any of these symptoms, consult a doctor and constantly take care of your health.

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