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All 9 Tablet Uses In Pregnancy In Hindi 

All 9 Tablet Uses In Pregnancy In Hindi

All 9 Tablet Uses In Pregnancy In Hindi

All 9 Tablet Uses In Pregnancy In Hindi

Tablets are commonly used during pregnancy for a variety of reasons. From prenatal vitamins to managing certain pregnancy-related conditions, tablets play an important role in ensuring the health and well-being of both the mother and the baby. In this blog post, we will explore All 9 Tablet Uses In Pregnancy In Hindi.

1. Folic Acid Tablets (फोलिक एसिड टैबलेट)

Folic acid is a crucial B vitamin that helps prevent neural tube defects in the baby. It is recommended that women take folic acid tablets before and during pregnancy to reduce the risk of birth defects. These tablets are easily available over the counter and are an essential part of prenatal care.

2. Iron Tablets (लोहे की गोलियां)

Iron tablets are commonly prescribed to pregnant women to prevent anemia. Anemia during pregnancy can lead to fatigue, dizziness, and other complications. Iron tablets help ensure that the mother’s iron levels are adequate to support the increased blood volume required during pregnancy.

3. Calcium Tablets (कैल्शियम टैबलेट)

Calcium is essential for the development of the baby’s bones and teeth. Pregnant women are advised to take calcium tablets to meet their increased calcium needs during pregnancy. Calcium tablets also help prevent bone loss in the mother and reduce the risk of osteoporosis later in life.

4. Vitamin D Tablets (विटामिन डी टैबलेट)

Vitamin D is important for bone health and immune function. Pregnant women are often advised to take vitamin D tablets as many people have deficient levels of this vitamin. Vitamin D tablets can help ensure that both the mother and baby have adequate levels of this essential nutrient.

5. Anti-nausea Tablets (उलटी रोकने की गोलियां)

Many women experience nausea and vomiting during pregnancy, especially in the first trimester. Anti-nausea tablets can help alleviate these symptoms and make the mother more comfortable. These tablets are safe to use during pregnancy and can improve the mother’s quality of life.

6. Antacid Tablets (अेंटासिड टैबलेट)

Heartburn and indigestion are common complaints during pregnancy due to hormonal changes and the growing uterus pressing on the stomach. Antacid tablets can help neutralize stomach acid and provide relief from these symptoms. It is important to choose antacids that are safe for use during pregnancy.

7. Sleep Aid Tablets (नींद आने की गोलियां)

Many pregnant women experience difficulty sleeping due to physical discomfort, hormonal changes, and anxiety about the baby. Sleep aid tablets can help promote relaxation and improve the quality of sleep. It is important to consult with a healthcare provider before taking any sleep aids during pregnancy.

8. DHA Tablets (डीएचए टैबलेट)

Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) is an omega-3 fatty acid that is important for the development of the baby’s brain and eyes. DHA tablets are often recommended to pregnant women to ensure that they are getting an adequate amount of this nutrient. DHA tablets can also benefit the mother’s cardiovascular health.

9. Antibiotic Tablets (एंटीबायोटिक टैबलेट)

In some cases, pregnant women may need to take antibiotics to treat infections that can harm the mother or the baby. It is important to follow the healthcare provider’s instructions and take the prescribed antibiotic tablets as directed. Antibiotics are generally safe to use during pregnancy when prescribed by a healthcare professional.


All 9 Tablet Uses In Pregnancy In Hindi Tablets play a vital role in ensuring the health and well-being of pregnant women and their babies. From essential nutrients like folic acid and iron to managing symptoms like nausea and heartburn, tablets are used for a variety of purposes during pregnancy. It is important for pregnant women to consult with their healthcare provider before taking any tablets to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the treatment. By following the recommended guidelines and taking tablets as directed, pregnant women can support their own health and the healthy development of their babies.

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