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Dr Abhishek Pasari

Dr. ABhishek Pasari

Certified NLP Practitioner, Life Coach, Doctorate in Clinical Psychology
Dr. Abhishek Pasari, the Founder, Director, and COO of ShishuPuram Parenting Innovation Pvt Ltd (SPIPL)
dr. abhishek pasari

Core Areas of Expertise

Life relationships

Psychological counselling

High impact presenter

Webinar specialist

Parent influencer

Lifesketch of Dr. Abhishek Pasari

Dr.Abhishek Pasari is a conjurer. His magical words touch and transform each one in the audience. With an expertise in public speaking and relationship coaching for almost two decades now, he excels in early childhood development, human potential training, parent-child consultation, pregnancy coaching, and youth mentoring. He is the founder of Shishupuram Parenting Innovation Private Limited, a parent-tech solution that educates and empowers parents to raise their children mindfully. He is the one who envisions parenting around the globe as one caste, one religion, one culture; be it a mother or a father, or a teacher, or a care-taker. There is to be no stereo-types, when it is about a child. A child myshishu belongs to the world and every parent needs to be responsible enough in shaping that future.

As a recognition of his decade-long consistent efforts in the field of psychology, he was awarded a doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the World Human Rights Protection Commission. Dr. Abhishek, as an extraordinary parenting coach continues to make a significant impact on the lives of many families. Evidently, he has been a continuous learner adding value to his profession with NLP certification, Pranic healing certification, and management studies.

Finally, with his act of philanthropy, he has successfully worked with non-profit organizations to mentor the youth.

Dr. Abhishek Pasari is a dynamic and successful life coach. He is an MBA in information technology from ICFAI Hyderabad. Moreover, He is a second-generation entrepreneur who has been passionately counseling families for over 15 years. He has used his counseling skills to deliver life remedies to families around the world because he is popular known as the conjurer of human relationships, especially parent-child relationships. Owing to his sharp listening skills and intuitive counseling, he has made a positive impact on the well-being of families. Additionally, he has designed systematic courses for couples planning a family and growing a child. 

As an author

Dr. Abhishek has published two books, “New Age Parenting” and “Transparenting,” providing easy tools and techniques for new parents, so-called experienced ones, and the parents of teenagers. On the whole, his works have been widely recognized and he has become a prominent figure in the field of early childhood development, frequently featured in India’s leading newspapers, radio stations, and international news channels. 

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