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Happy Pregnancy

The ultimate destination for navigating through a rollercoaster journey!

Dr. ABhishek Pasari’s expertise includes early childhood development, human potential training, parent-child consultation, pregnancy coaching, and youth mentoring.

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About the course

  • To understand the unique science of pregnancy.
  • To turn dreams into reality through the power of manifestation.
  • To develop a birth plan to deliver the baby of your dreams.
  • To discover the truth behind the common myths and misconceptions.
  •  To create a sacred bond with your unborn.
  • To know the power of meditation and music on the unborn.
  • To empower your journey of pregnancy.

This course is for you. If:

  • You are pregnant
  • You are living in a nuclear family
  • You are a first time parent to be
  • You are navigating through your second baby
  • You are confused about pregnancy and need a mentor
  • You are a single parent and need a support for your pregnancy
  • You want to get the best experience of pregnancy!

Loved by 2000+ Moms! 😍

The magic is in the reviews. What our learners say
I am a busy working mom and do not always have time to research parenting trends. But with MYSHISHU, I can easily access information on everything from breastfeeding to toilet training.
Komal Khater
I have never come across such a versatile platform which guides me at every stage of my parenting highs and lows. And the best part is it was easy to understand and apply in everyday routines.
Gunjan Mittal
I can't thank MYSHISHU and Dr. Pasari enough for the support and guidance they've given me throughout my pregnancy and motherhood journey. it has helped me feel less alone and more confident.
Sharini Lamba
My pregnancy was a difficult one and I was alone in this entire journey, Abhishek sir’s guidance has helped me overcome my fears and come out as a strong independent mom. Thank you sir.
Jyoti Agarwal

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