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1 Year Old Baby Activities | Parenting Guide

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1 Year Old Baby Activities | Parenting Guide

Greetings, dear parents, and welcome to the exhilarating world of your baby’s twelfth month! It’s awe-inspiring how quickly time has flown by, and your little one is now on the cusp of toddlerhood. In this blog, “1 Year Old Baby Activities | Parenting Guide” brought to you by MyShishu, we’ll delve into the remarkable skills and milestones your baby is achieving during this transformative period. Get ready to celebrate the journey of your young explorer!

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Movement: On the Road to Independence

One of the most exciting developments during the twelfth month is your baby’s progress toward independent walking. You’ll notice the early signs as they become more confident on their feet. Climbing stairs becomes a well-practiced skill, and their body control improves when they lower themselves from a standing position.

Crawling on hands and knees is now a highly effective mode of transportation for them. In addition, they may take their first unassisted steps when holding onto your hands or pushing a wheeled toy—a momentous achievement on the path to walking independently.

Hand-eye Coordination: Building and Creating

1 Year Old Baby Activities
1 Year Old Baby Activities

Your baby’s hand-eye coordination is blossoming as they transition to more purposeful actions. Rather than simply banging, they may use a spoon for stirring, showcasing their newfound precision. Building with small wooden blocks becomes a captivating pastime, fostering creativity and problem-solving skills.

Water games are a source of joy as they demonstrate the ability to pour from containers held in either hand. They’ll delight in slotting simple shapes correctly into a shape-sorter, a task that involves both fine motor skills and cognitive understanding. You might even find them attempting to make their mark on paper with a crayon, a delightful foray into artistic expression.

Language: Words and Understanding

In the realm of language, your baby is making significant strides. They’ve uttered their first word—often the heartwarming “Dada” or “bye-bye.” Furthermore, they may be able to use three or four words to name familiar objects, such as “dog” or “ball.” Following basic instructions consistently demonstrates their growing comprehension.

While their hearing is excellent, they may lose interest in repetitive sounds as they become more discerning listeners. Notably, they now know the names of other family members, a delightful display of their expanding social world.

Concerns of your 1 Year Old Baby Activities

Parents may worry about rapid baby weight gain, but it’s uncommon. Consult a pediatrician for guidance if needed. Never skip feedings but monitor signs of fullness. Ensure your baby’s diet is nutrient-rich post age 1. Encourage active play and limit time in car seats and strollers. Family health habits influence your baby’s fitness. For toddlers aged 1-2, 11-14 hours of daily sleep with one or two naps is typical. Around 18 months, they often switch to a single afternoon nap. Establish a consistent bedtime routine for better sleep.

Learning: Curiosity and Exploration

Your 1 Year Old baby’s curiosity is boundless, and they’re eager to explore the world around them. They understand basic directions involving a single familiar action, such as “Wave bye-bye.” Watch in amazement as they mimic your actions, like banging two wooden blocks together. Objects that rattle when shaken hold a particular fascination for them.

Did you know?

Research shows that a baby responds positively to the fragrance of its mother’s breasts and ignores breast pads used by other women. Even more striking is the discovery that a blindfolded woman has the ability to identify her own child from a host of other babies by scent alone.

They’re ready to tackle challenges like putting the pieces of an inset board in place. While they may hesitate when faced with a new puzzle, they will apply existing knowledge and problem-solving skills to overcome it. As they become more independent, you’ll notice that they ( 1 year old baby activities ) need less sleep and are awake for approximately 11 hours each day.

Social and Emotional: Expressing Independence

Your baby’s social and emotional development is a dynamic journey during the twelfth month. They’re enthusiastic participants in games that involve social interaction between themselves and you. Affection flows freely, not only towards you but also towards other family members.

However, temper tantrums may make an appearance when they’re unwilling to cooperate—a natural part of asserting their growing independence. When in mixed groups, they tend to prefer playing with children of their own gender. They’ll happily play alongside another baby their age, but their play becomes more active when they interact with older children.

A notable trait during this period is their unwavering belief in their abilities ( 1 year old baby activities ). As they strive to achieve their goals, they may become increasingly frustrated when faced with challenges.

Quiz: 1 Year Old Baby Activities | Parenting Guide

What is a significant mobility milestone your baby may reach during the twelfth month?

a. Running

b. Independent walking

c. Crawling on hands and knees

Which activity fosters creativity and problem-solving skills in your baby during this stage?

a. Pouring water from containers

b. Slotting shapes into a shape-sorter

c. Banging objects together

What is a common first word for babies around their twelfth month?

a. “Hello”

b. “Dada”

c. “Mama”

How do babies typically demonstrate their growing comprehension of language?

a. Ignoring basic instructions

b. Following basic instructions consistently

c. Speaking in full sentences

What trait becomes more evident in your baby’s behavior during this month?

a. Fear of social interaction

b. Independence and a belief in their abilities

c. Reluctance to explore their surroundings


b. Independent walking

b. Slotting shapes into a shape-sorter

b. “Dada”

b. Following basic instructions consistently

b. Independence and a belief in their abilities

As you celebrate your baby’s twelfth-month triumphs, take pride in their growth and development. The journey of parenthood is an incredible adventure, and each new milestone is a testament to your dedication and nurturing. Stay tuned for more insights and guidance from as we continue to support you on this extraordinary parenting path!

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Hope you’ve enjoyed the blog “1 Year Old Baby Activities | Parenting Guide”. Happy Parenting!

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