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10 Month Old Baby Activities | Fun and Engaging Activities

Tenth Month of Baby | Parenting Guide

10 Month Old Baby Activities | Fun and Engaging Activities

Hello, wonderful parents! It’s time for another exciting chapter in your parenting journey as your little one enters the remarkable tenth month of life. This month is filled with thrilling developments as your baby continues to explore the world around them and assert their independence. Join us on this exhilarating ride, “10 Month Old Baby Activities | Parenting Guide” brought to you by MyShishu, as we delve into the incredible skills and milestones that make the tenth month a true triumph!

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Movement: Upright and Adventurous

One of the standout achievements of the tenth month is your baby’s fascination with the upright world. They love peering at the world from this new vantage point, and you’ll often catch them standing on their own two feet, gripping onto something nearby for support. Crawling has become second nature, and they’re now proficient at propelling themselves across the floor. Stairs are no longer a daunting obstacle; your baby confidently climbs up the first step and, of course, enjoys a gentle slide back down.

This newfound interest in upright mobility is a significant milestone. Your baby’s leg and foot strength have improved considerably, allowing them to explore their surroundings with newfound confidence. Whether they’re cruising along the edge of the coffee table or holding onto the sofa for balance, these achievements mark their growing physical abilities.

Hand-eye Coordination: Exploring the World with you 10 Month Old Baby Activities

10 Month Old Baby Activities
10 Month Old Baby Activities

Your baby’s hand-eye coordination is truly coming into its own. They have developed a preference for exploring toys that move across the floor, a testament to their growing curiosity and dexterity. Boxes, cupboards, and drawers are no longer safe from their tiny, exploring hands. You may be pleasantly surprised to see them confidently grip two small blocks in one hand, and their hand preference may even begin to emerge. Rhymes involving hand coordination, like ‘Pat-a-Cake,’ are met with enthusiasm and participation.

This advanced hand-eye coordination opens up a world of possibilities for play and exploration. They can now manipulate objects with increasing precision, a skill that will continue to develop as they grow. Providing a variety of toys that encourage this coordination will not only entertain them but also support their ongoing development.

Language: Babbling and Beyond

In the language department, your baby is a budding chatterbox. They’re now combining different syllables in one utterance, creating delightful gibberish like ‘ah-leh’ and ‘muh-gah.’ When you say their name, they stop what they’re doing and listen attentively, a sign of their growing responsiveness. While they may not be delivering full sentences just yet, they’re consistently saying one or two words, albeit not always with perfect clarity. Their rhythmic chattering mimics the cadence of speech, a charming precursor to meaningful communication.

Language development in the tenth month is a captivating journey. It’s a period when your baby is laying the foundation for future language skills. Encourage their (10 Month Old Baby Activities) attempts at communication by responding enthusiastically and engaging them in conversations, even if it’s a conversation filled with delightful babble.

Did you know?

A baby’s first social smile appears between four and six weeks after birth.

Learning: Curiosity Knows No Bounds

Curiosity continues to drive your baby’s quest for knowledge. They’re keen observers, often spending up to a fifth of their waking time staring at and observing their surroundings. Imitation is a significant part of their learning process; they try to mimic your actions and are eager to learn about things that go together, like a cup and saucer or the pieces of a puzzle. Basic instructions such as ‘Give me the cup’ are followed with surprising accuracy, and they relish the challenge of pushing shapes into a shape-sorter.

This insatiable curiosity is a testament to their (10 Month Old Baby Activities) growing cognitive abilities. As they explore their environment, they’re making connections between actions and outcomes. Their ability to mimic actions and follow simple instructions is a precursor to more complex problem-solving skills that will continue to develop in the months and years ahead.

Social and Emotional: Building Connections

Your 10 month old baby is in a beautiful phase of social and emotional development. Affectionate cuddles are not only cherished but also initiated by your baby, demonstrating their growing emotional connections. Interactive games like peek-a-boo bring boundless joy as your baby revels in the delightful surprises of play. They are increasingly content spending time amusing themselves, a sign of their growing independence.

However, unfamiliar places may still trigger some anxiety, leading your baby to seek comfort in your arms. Storytime becomes a cherished ritual, and they snuggle up to you as you read, fostering their love for books and storytelling. While they are growing socially, your baby is still in the early stages of understanding the impact of their actions on other children, so close supervision during playtime remains essential.

Quiz: 10 Month Old Baby Activities | Parenting Guide

1. What is a notable physical milestone achieved by babies in the tenth month?

   a. Crawling forward and backward

   b. Jumping

   c. Running marathons

2. How do babies demonstrate their improving hand-eye coordination during this stage?

   a. They show a preference for reading books

   b. They enjoy exploring boxes and cupboards

   c. They become expert jugglers

3. What language milestone are babies typically reaching in the tenth month?

   a. Speaking in full sentences

   b. Combining different syllables in one utterance

   c. Writing novels

4. What is a significant aspect of your baby’s learning process in the tenth month?

   a. Avoiding all forms of imitation

   b. Trying to push shapes into a shape-sorter

   c. Completely ignoring their surroundings

5. What social behaviour might your baby exhibit when encountering unfamiliar places?

   a. Fearlessness and curiosity

   b. Anxiety, seeking comfort in your arms

   c. Immediate exploration and adventure


1. b. Jumping

2. b. They enjoy exploring boxes and cupboards

3. b. Combining different syllables in one utterance

4. b. Trying to push shapes into a shape-sorter

5. b. Anxiety, seeking comfort in your arms

As you celebrate your baby’s tenth-month triumphs (10 Month Old Baby Activities), savor every moment of their journey towards independence. Each new skill and milestone is a testament to their incredible growth and development. Parenthood is a remarkable adventure, and your little one is leading the way with boundless enthusiasm. Stay tuned for more insights and guidance from MyShishu as we continue to support you on this extraordinary parenting path!

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Hope you’ve enjoyed the blog “10 Month Old Baby Activities | Parenting Guide”. Happy Parenting!

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